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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Visual Poetry exhibit @ Harvard

My kindly students, please click on the following link that will take you to one of the major visual poetry events happening this Spring in the U.S.: Infinity: An Exhibition of Visual Poetry. The exhibit is up right now and will last the whole month of March. There is also an online exhibit where we can get glimpses of the exciting new work by some of the foremost practitioners of the art. For a description of the opening see this entry by a sassy blogger named Roger.


Blogger Geof Huth said...


Here's another big vispo show, and one in Miami tomorrow night--so maybe they can make it to the opening!

“Visual Poetry (Vispo)” at the Durban Segnini Gallery, Miami, Florida

What promises to be one of the biggest visual poetry shows in recent years will open this Saturday, at the Durban Segnini Gallery, 3072 SW 38th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33146; phone, 305.774.7740; email. The show lasts from 6 pm until 9 pm, with a performance by some of the invited artists starting at 9. Since this is a big event in the world of North American visual poetry, I (as usual) won’t be in attendance, but there will be many other visual poets there. If you want to meet Carlos Luis, Bob Grumman, John M. Bennett, Derek White, Kathy Ernst, Christopher Fritton, Michael Peters, Sheila Murphy, Vernon Fraser, Michael Basinski, Wendy Collin Sorin (and probably others I don’t know about), then this is the place to be on Saturday. Many of the works on exhibit will be offered for sale, so pull out your checkbooks and drink in the visual poetry.

A couple of participants have promised to send me digital images from the show, so I’ll post some evidence of this show forthwith.


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