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Saturday, February 26, 2005

This is why you take Vispo 504!

Can you tell me about the color of the metaphor that lives four doors down?
Where is my simile tickling you tonight?
Come to class and learn how to bounce your imagination across this field of animated dreams!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Why we love Shin Yu Pai . . .

class standing:reading, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Today was Alissa's turn to do her book presentation and she had chosen Shin Yu Pai's book Equivalence. The class was very much inspired by Pai's poems, her poetics, her artistic vision, and her brilliance. In this pic the class is performing her poem J-U-M-P which has the instruction (text to be read aloud while standing on a chair).

So you gotsa visual poems all over the back seat of yer car, so what are you going to do now?

Well, start sending them out to good web mags that like experimental poetry like:

Sleeping Fish


Lilies & Cannon balls Review


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Read this important essay.

Moving Text in avant-garde Poetry by Teemu Ikonen. This is a seminal study of kinetic poetry in the digital world by this Finnish professor from the University of Helsinki. Neil, pay particular attention to this because this is what you are doing with your cyber poetry.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Now take a look at POEMS THAT GO!

Poems That Go is an older site and it has a wonderful array of interactive digital poetry. Some of my personal favorites are Jim Andrews' "Arteroids" and Natalie Bookchin's "Intruder." Go in there, interact with the poems, have fun, and let me know what you learned. Consider these questions: What are the differences and similarities between the poems in this site and Born Magazine? Are text and image co-equal in illustrating each other? How does the device of involving the reader influence the "reading" of the poem?

I Want You to Check Out This New Web Mag

Take a look at Born Magazine and watch & read the digitized poems. A text poet is paired with a designer and they collaborate on the web piece. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

by Melissa Barrow failed poet

by Melissa Barrow, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Melissa has also made a booklet of chapbook size. The cover is felt fabric and the pages are collaged with abstract images. On some of the pages she draws a few pencil figures like this one on the left page. Text from poems will be added later.

by Sorina Panaitescu

by Sorina Panaitescu, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Sorina has a fold book that is unfolded and we can see the heart image (Valentines Day theme) and text saying "make love, not war." The appendage has wire filigree on an oval.

by Alissa Stone

by Alissa Stone, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Alissa presents us with a more traditional booklet with 5 1/2 x 11 paper folded in half. This is one of the inner pages with collaged images, text hand written on the borders and cut-out velcro figures of Alice in wonderland that can be moved from page to page. Fun and interactive!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

by Cyd Apellido

by Cyd Apellido, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Here is Cyd's multi-part piece which is a book composed of three origami triangle tip boxes which contain pictures of cute dogs and scrolls of historical texts that depict the cultural and political struggle between the Philippines and the United States. One of the texts is about the St. Louis World's Fair where they imported Filipino native Igorots and made them eat dogs to signify that they were indeed, savages.

By Yasbel Fernandez-Acuna

By Yasbel Fernandez-Acuña, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Here's Yasbel's little fold book made with a printed out copy of a Salvador Dali print. There is text collaged within the pages.

Joan #4

Joan #4, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

In part 4, we see the book unfolded to reveal the images and the poems. And way in the bottom of the box is an assemblage of found objects (whale, sea shells, anchor chain) embeded in wax that refers to the ocean sounds of the womb, the tidal pull of the moon. This is the first student visual poem that is truly intermedia and has an interactive component which makes the piece evolve in depth and texture.

Joan #3

Joan #3, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

In part 3, we have lifted the lid of the box and underneath the lid is revealed a picture of the artist in a pregnant pose listening to her womb sounds. Inside the box is the fold-type book which has collaged images and texts of Joan's poems.

Joan #2

Joan #2, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

In part 2 of the piece you see that the picture of the moon has been cut out in a spiral shape which is lifted to reveal a set of concentric mirrors below which reflect the moon's glow. This piece also incorporates a taped sound poem which is played while you interact with the work. The main sounds are that of a baby's heart beat while in the womb, drums, and Joan's voice repeating "water, womb, moon" rhythmically to her baby's heart beat.

By Joan Varini

By Joan Varini, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Joan's book is contained in a circular box and is entitled WATER WOMB MOON. Let's begin with the lid which has a laminated picture of the full moon and a round sticker indicating the title.

By Janet Tamez

By Janet Tamez, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

This is Janet's accordion fold book which starts with a framed picture of her grandmother. Text written on the glass is in Spanish and says "La Bruja Buena" the good witch. Behind, the pages unfold, one side painted maroone, the other silver, where she can attach post-it notes which indicate her wishes and desires. Much like pinning notes and prayers on saints in Catholic countries.

Book Arts Bonanza!

The students presented their artists books last night and they were quite attractive. Text and image are now resonating deeper. Conceptualization more sophisticated.

by Maya May

by Maya May, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Maya's piece is also in process. It will be enlarged and be printed out on a huge scale.

by Savita Vega

by Savita Vega, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Here is Savita's first piece which is a small version of a bigger collage and 3-d visual poem. In process.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

by Cyd Apellido

by Cyd Apellido, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Cyd has made her own label for the intoxicating drink "Ennui" which is "Made from 100% Langour."

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

by Sorina Panaitescu

by Sorina, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Sorina has made a collage on a board. The central image is of the Virgin Mary, the text is hand written, in Greek letters below and symbols above. Her word was "spirit."

Book Arts

Last night was exciting, informative, and inspiration filled because of Carol Todaro's wonderful lecture and presentation on book arts. Small talk on the history of the art, then a great slide show of her multi-facetted work, then we all had to wash our hands before we examined the many samples of her Artist Books and also her student's work. The cherry on the cherry cake was when she showed us how to make a couple of fold type books. I think this is how a poetry workshop should be: hands on and tactile.

O.K. my students, tell me your individual experiences of that class. Comments are open. What did you learn? If anything?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

by Janet Tamez

by Janet, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Janet Tamez has made bottle inspired piece influenced by the Vigen de Guadalupe. Her "halo" is made from a plastic bubble blower. The word "Dios" is written on the sides of the bottle.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

by Alissa Stone

by Alissa Stone, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Here's Alissa's more figurative piece. Buildings in the background are collaged with text as texture.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

by Mario Matus Villa

by Mario Matus Villa, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

Mario wearing his "a" shirt poem.

by Joan Varini

by Joan Varini, originally uploaded by Vispo504.

One of the first Vispo pieces from the class. More to come as soon as I learn to upload.