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Sunday, February 12, 2006


bycyd, originally uploaded by carbonator.

cyd's piece is text collaged on top of a flip flop sandal. the poem centers on definitions of the term "filipina." the fetishized filipina (by whom? mostly icky western men!).

Saturday, February 11, 2006

by maya may

by maya may, originally uploaded by carbonator.

maya's piece is text over a photo she took in a buenos aires (argentina) subway. i like the grainy movement in the image.

Friday, February 10, 2006


bykate, originally uploaded by carbonator.

kate's piece is framed in two panels. the left is a painting by her with collaged text. the right is satin and a loped baby jesus hand over flowers.


bymeredith, originally uploaded by carbonator.

meredith's poem is called "spinal tap." see poem inside syringe. in our class we take our poems directly up the spine! straight!


bymarlon, originally uploaded by carbonator.

marlon made a true 3-d sudokku cube. he calls them surrdoku cubes with a nod to the surrealists. you solve the 3-d puzzle and the numbers correspond to the lines of the poem.


wila,detail, originally uploaded by carbonator.

i like the delicate touch of the lace.


bywila, originally uploaded by carbonator.

our first assignment was to make a response poem to the film i showed on a chilly monday night, Un Chien Andalou. Willa constructed three collage boxes which corresponded with the three episodes of the film.

vispo 504 survives one more semester

a new crop of vispo students and a new crop of fantastic texty images!