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Monday, March 28, 2005

class collage


The child fell into the sea, searching for the hatch in the phosphorescence.

Posed its triple edict of taboo, nonexistence, and silence,

including rural areas, inner cities, and military bases

to mourn the meaning in loss.

(you crazy?)

I feel bad when he tells me I’m too self-centered

For her unblessed children.

The ‘Don’t Walk’ sign became a walk sign.

His other hand held her by her cunt-hairs.

This caused a great deal of pain,

And let us always be kind in this world.



The organization of the ‘conventional’ family came to be

To mourn the meaning in loss

In Brooklyn, in a delicatessen, on and on.

Your benefit and ours.

Eat my mother’s crazy glue.

Sometimes it makes me sad, he will begin.

She pulled it from her cunt and put it into another round hole p laced a little lower down, like the eye of a Cyclops between two cool white fleshy globes.

If you insist on weaving that wool scarf I’ll be forced to tell you very much I love you,

But it would be untrue.

I feel secure when he puts his legs over mine when we’re falling asleep.


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